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PLP in :02
Watch a two minute overview of Page-Links Plus on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Demo Notes
The Page-Links Plus demo site reverts to a default state every hour on the hour. If it's approaching the top of the hour, you might want to wait to log in until one minute past. Otherwise, when the site reverts, you will be logged out and lose any changes you've made.

The Page-Links Plus demo site always runs the latest WordPress nightly release and the most up-to-date versions of Page-Links Plus and the default WordPress theme. (At present, this is "Twenty Fifteen.") The demo instance is also as "plugin light" as possible. In addition to Page-Links Plus, it runs only a handful of essential plugins, none of which interfere with one another or Page-Links Plus.

As such, if Page-Links Plus works in the demo environment, any issues purchasers face in their own instances can be attributed to plugin conflicts, outdated WordPress core files, theme problems (usually a missing wp_link_pages(); function), and/or other local issues. Users can get support for Page-Links Plus, discuss usage, and share WordPress pagination strategies and best practices in the Page-Links Plus community.

A default page, post, and custom post type exist, but, in addition to experimenting with Page-Links Plus, visitors can also edit and create pages and posts as they wish.

"Will Page-Links Plus Work with My WordPress Theme?"
To ensure PLP will work with their preferred theme(s), demo users can upload and activate their own WP theme(s). For more information, see this community post.